Why Your Makeup Doesn’t Look Like A Beauty Youtuber’s + The TRUTH About Our Skincare Routines


Hello RDM fam! I hope you're all doing as well as can be expected during these difficult times. I honestly haven't been really sure about what kind of videos to put up right now. What I do know is that we could all use something to distract us. Watching too much news, or being on Twitter or Facebook just triggers my anxiety and makes me want to cry. I did this video for you and for me! I simply wanted to sit in front of the camera and talk about something else for a while.
Some of you might be using this time at home to play with makeup as another method for distraction(I know I am!) and practicing your skills. Perhaps you're following a tutorial and you're frustrated that after following all the steps and using similar products and brushes, your makeup STILL doesn't come out like the Youtubers!
Today I'm sharing with you all the reasons why that might be. I'm also addressing the truth about many beauty gurus skincare quote unquote routines. Are we being totally honest? I want to re-iterate that I am not speaking for ALL Youtubers. I'm speaking from personal experience and first hand knowledge from a handful of other creators.

I hope you enjoy the video and I'm praying for each and every one of us right now. Love, Risa

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