Urban Decay ALL NIGHTER foundation review| Check-ins and Comparison Swatches


This review was so stressful! I have never been so confused by a product in my life. The first day I LOVED it, the next day it was awful. So, I decided to wear it all day yesterday, and do check ins every few hours. If you are only interested in my final thoughts, fast forward to the last 4-5 minutes. 🙂

Comparisons to the other foundations I wear on a regular basis begin at 12:31.

I left out the basics, like the cost($40), the packaging and the amount inside(1oz) because you can get all of that in one second on Google and I didn't want this video to be too long. I try to keep my reviews short, but I just have so much to say!! lol

As for the redness and the vaseline on my eyes, that was from the ABH Modern Renaissance palette I wore the day before. I LOVE that palette but it doesn't love me. I thought it was just the reddish tones that irritated my eyes, but the last few times I have used any colors in the palette, I have woken up with crusty eyes and red outer corners. I couldn't put any eye makeup on until I went out last night. I hope it wasn't too distracting.

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