How I FINALLY Grew My Youtube Channel| Tips and Tricks You NEED To Know!


In this video I share with you how I finally grow my Youtube channel! The 10 most effective tips I have that you NEED to know when starting or trying to grow a Youtube channel in 2017-2018!

You might be thinking why someone with only 30K subs after three years would have the gall to put out a video like this, but the after being asked a number of times for advice the subject, I decided to finally just film this anyway. The fact is it's not easy for ANYONE to find success on Youtube, let alone someone over 40. I made A LOT of mistakes in the beginning, and once I corrected most of them I was able to go from 8,000 subs in February of 2017, to almost 31,000 now.

For those of you subscribers who have no interest in this topic, I promise you that going forward Talk Tuesdays will involve a more inclusive subject matter!

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