Best CHANEL Foundation for Oily Skin? Le Teint Ulta Tenue or Perfection Lumiere Velvet


Which is the better Chanel foundation for oily skin? Watch this comparison between Le Teint Ultra Tenue, and Perfection Lumiere Velvet. Which one is more long wearing? Which has better coverage?

As many of you know I have oily, mature skin with large pores. I personally prefer foundations that give medium to full coverage and are VERY long wearing. Both of these claim to be long wearing, but to be fair, the Lumiere Velvet does not claim to be full coverage, That said, if you are someone that prefers sheer to medium coverage, your assessment of this product could be quite different.

The intro of this video was filmed on a different day. The demo, check-ins and my final thoughts were filmed on the same day, although it might not look that way! I ended up taking out my hair extensions after I filmed a tutorial.

I hope this video helps those of you who were trying to decide which one would be best for your skin.

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My original review of Le Teint Ultra Tenue:

Thank you for watching! xoxo

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet (Beige 30)
Chanel Le Teint Ulta Tenue (Beige 30)

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