Brilliant DIY makeup hacks to look flawless

Having porcelain and glowy looking skin is key when it comes to doing your makeup. In fact, that's the whole purpose of makeup. We all love looking flawless in our foundation while having the best smokey eyeshadow look and thick eyelashes. So, in this video, we wanted to help you girls out by sharing with you some amazing makeup hacks you can try at home in order to both improve your makeup skills and get more creative by inventing your own makeup products!

Most people wonder what is that fascination all of us have with freckles. Even though it is a very current makeup fashion trend there is more to it. Freckles are cute and when someone has freckles they naturally look younger, with chubbier cheeks and more sunkissed. So, in this video, we show you a genius way to add freckles to your face. Simply add some hot glue on a piece of greaseproof paper and dip your fork in. Then remove your fork and dip it in some matte brown eyeshadow. Finally, tap the fork on your cheeks and nose as we demonstrate in the video and voila!

If you are a beginner makeup artist and you are still experimenting with various makeup tricks, then you'll love this one. We all struggled at some point to achieve a perfect defined smokey look, and, we show you how you can do that using a bottle cap. Simply apply the bottle cap on top of your eyelid and then use it as a guide when applying your eyeshadow!

If you notice that your lips look pale, we have a very interesting lip mask for you that you can create using all natural products. In a mixing bowl add some wasabi with a tablespoon of yogurt and then mix the two together. Apply the mixture on your lips, let it sit there for a minute and then remove. The heat from the wasabi will increase the blood circulation on your lips and the yogurt will provide you with a cooling effect to prevent them from burning.

Most of us do our makeup before getting dressed. It's like the unwritten rule of getting ready in the morning; however sometimes when we put on clothes we manage to get our makeup all over our shirts or blouses. So, we found the best hack for you. Place a paper bag over your head, Put on your sweater or t-shirt and then remove it. Even if the shirt touches your makeup it won't be transferred.

Watch our whole video to see all of our makeup DIYs and all of our amazing makeup tutorials and tricks that you can experiment with and become a better makeup artist in the beauty community!

0:07 – DIY makeup freckles
0:58 – How to do the perfect smokey eye
1:48 – Pale lips- lip mask
3:24 – How to clean your makeup brushes without using water
4:22 – How to shape your brows
5:13 – DIY fixative spray
6:26 – How to make your own makeup remover
7:51 – How to fix broken makeup
9:16 – Get the most out of your foundation
9:55 – Flat belly workout
10:30 – How to add volume to your hair
12:23 – How to fix a broken lipstick
12:57 – DIY makeup brush case
14:20 – DIY magnetic makeup display
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