Amazing hacks for a flawless makeup look

We all started getting into makeup when we were teenagers and we were looking for ways to look better for our friends and boys at school. and even though we learned a lot on our own, the makeup world and the beauty community skyrocketed and grew so fastly and vastly that is getting more and more difficult to keep up. So, in this video, we wanted to help you create your own makeup products and help you experiment with makeup in order to achieve any look you are going for without having to use a lot of makeup products and a lot of time.

We show you how to create your very own ombre lipstick that will make your lips pop and give your lips a fuller look by defining them. Simply cut the front sides of two lipsticks from the middle and swap them, and then using a lighter melt them together.

Sometimes, fake eyelashes can make our lives a lot more difficult when applying makeup, because they don't have enough curl on them in order to make them fit our natural lashline as they should be. If you are ever in that situation, we show you a quick way to fix this, simply place your eyelashes around the wand of your makeup brush and warm them up using your blow dryer, This will cause them to follow a more curvy path and there you have it.

Freckles came into the beauty world a few months back, and they are taking the world over by storm, some people like to do more semi-permanent freckles using henna but if that seems a bit too far for your look we show you how you can create your own freckles using makeup. Simply dip your fork in some hot glue just as we demonstrate in the video, and then lightly dip your fold in some matte brown eyeshadow and tap it on your face.

Applying eyeshadow perfectly on our eyelids is not as easy as most makeup artists on social media make it look. So we show you how you can master the skill simply by using a bottle cap. Place the bottle cap on top of your eye, apply the eyeshadow on the crease of your eyelid and voila.

Watch our whole video to find out all of our amazing makeup hacks and tips that will turn into a professional makeup artist. In addition, we show you some cool tips on how to make your own face mask and many more skincare tips as well.

0:07 – DIY ombre lipstick
1:05 – How to fake freckles with makeup
3:17 – DIY lip maks for pale lips
4:04 – Quick contouring hack using eyeglasses
5:17 – Fix overhanging eyelids
5:59 – DIY henna freckles
6:46 – How to color match your foundation
7:50 – How to make your own eyeliner
8:49 – How to fix dry mascara
10:24 – Cool makeup brush cleaning hack
12:04 – How t fix broken makeup
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